Double banjos for rubber hoses

MECO-Double banjos with connection for rubber hose, banjo to DIN 7642-B/Material: 11SMnPb30+C, crack tested

Hose nominal dia To fit banjo bolt DIN 7643 K1 b d2 d5 l4 Part-No.
3 M 8x1 14  8  5,3  6,1 29 5750
4 M 10x1 (G 1/8") 17 10  6,3  7,1 30 5751
6 M 12x1,5 20 12  8,5  9,1 36 5752
8 M 14x1,5 (G 1/4") 24 14 10 11 38,5 5753

Other designs on request.

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Turned parts are produced using machining steel, brass, aluminium, heat-treatable steel and stainless steel. We process piping made from:

  • Steel in accordance with DIN EN 10305
  • Stainless steel in accordance with DIN EN 17455-17458
  • Brass and copper in accordance with DIN EN 12449
  • Aluminium in accordance with DIN EN 573 and 754

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