Pipe and hose connections, ready-to-install pipe and hose lines, assemblies

When quality is essential.

Whenever safety and reliable quality under the toughest conditions are required, MECO is a sought-after partner.

Utility Vehicles

Construction Machinery

Agricultural Machinery


Medical Technology

Hydraulic Systems


We support our clients in the design of their products for a wide variety of tasks and different quantity requirements.

When it comes to resilient connections in the sensitive fuel and hydraulic sectors in vehicles and medical equipment, MECO is one of the leading suppliers.

Examples of customized production

Turned parts

Banjo rings

Banjo bolts

Hose lines


Fast and effective construction

We create CAD-supported manufacturing drawings for all components and assemblies.

Customers' drawings in STP, DWG and DXF format are included so that design changes can be incorporated into the manufacturing process more quickly and easily.

Standard program: in stock


Banjo bolts


Ring spigots


Standard parts

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MECO finds solutions, not only in the automotive sector.