When it needs to stay permanently tight

We produce ready-to-install piping, bent, with brazed or assembled connections and deformed pipe ends.


  • Fuel lines
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Coolant lines
  • Exhaust gas recirculation systems
  • Oil lines (exhaust gas turbocharger)

Technical framework


  • Tube outer diameter 6 - 30 mm
  • Wall thickness 0,5 - 2 mm
  • Length of piping up to 1.5 m

Bending radii

  • approx. 1.5 x D - 2.5 x D
  • up to three different bending radii in one tube


Pipe end deformation

  • Expanding and reducing
  • Upsetting hose beads
  • Combinations of both


  • Cutting ring pre-assembly by pre-assembly device
  • Joining by press-fitting (for subsequent brazing)
  • Joining by fixing with spot weld (for subsequent brazing)


  • High-temperature brazing under inert gas atmosphere in continuous furnace (by service provider) with the following solders:
  • Cu solder (standard)
  • Ag solder (on customer request)
  • Ni-base solder (for high temperature applications up to approx. 850°C)



  • E235 +N; 1.0038
  • E235 +C; 1.0038
  • E355 +N; 1.0045
  • E355 +C; 1.0045
  • St30AI

Stainless steel

  • X6CrNi18-10; 1.4301; AISI 304; V2A
  • X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2; 1.4571; AISI 316Ti; V4A, A5


Precision steel and stainless steel tubes

  • seamless cold drawn (EN 10305 - 1)
  • welded cold drawn (EN 10305 - 2)
  • seamless cold drawn for hydraulic pressure lines (EN 10305 - 4)
  • welded stainless steel pipes (EN 10217 - 7)


Surfaces according to DIN EN ISO 19598

  • Zinc; transparent passivated; without sealant
    (ISO 19598.Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0)
  • Zinc-nickel; transparent passivated; without sealant
    (ISO 19598.Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0)
  • Zinc; transparent passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//Zn8//Cn//T2)
  • Zinc-nickel; transparent passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T2)
  • Zinc-nickel; black passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//ZnNi8//Fn//T2)

other surfaces

  • VDA 235-104
  • VDA 233-101
  • DBL 8451
  • VW 13750 - TL244
  • MAN 183
  • Cathodic dip coatings


Testing options

Leak test

  • Differential pressure test with air on a leak tester (leak rate by agreement)


Dimensional inspection

  • FARO arm (determination of X/Y/Z coordinates and bending angle)
  • manufactured measuring gauge with measuring protocol


Residual dirt

  • Residual dirt analysis according to VDA Volume 19
  • Minimum particle size 200my

Examples of customized production


Tank extractor

Material: 11SMnPb30 +C (ultrasonic and crack tested)

Annual quantity: approx. 1,500

Customer: parking heater manufacturer

Special feature: turned, heat treated, bent


Coolant pipe

Material: ring socket 11SMnPb30+C (ultrasonic and crack tested); Ü-nut and cutting ring: steel; seamless precision steel tube

Quantity: approx. 150

Customer: Commercial vehicle manufacturer

Special feature: KTL coated



Material: Ring spigot 1.4305 (ultrasonically and crack tested); welded stainless steel tube 1.4301

Annual quantity: approx. 10,000

Customer: sensor manufacturer (automotive end customer)



Material: turned parts 11SM nPb30+C, seamless precision steel tube

Annual quantity: approx. 200

Customer: Automotive Aftermarket

Surface: Zn, 8my, transparent passivated


Fuel line

Material: Ring spigot 1.4305 (ultrasonically and crack tested); welded stainless steel tube 1.4301

Number of pieces per year: approx. 6,000

Customer: filter manufacturer (fuel filter)

Special feature: brazed, 100% leak test with helium, residual dirt requirement



Material: cutting ring and Ü- nut 1.4571; welded stainless steel tube 1.4301

Number of pieces per year: approx. 72,000

Customer: sensor manufacturer

Special feature: reduced on one side and tube bead upset