Coordinated, ready for installation directly on the production line

Customized assemblies

We manufacture assemblies such as valves (including mini-valves), tees, elbows and many more according to customer specifications.


  • Fuel distributor
  • Check valves with defined opening pressure (e.g. 0.2 bar)
  • Use of mini-valves
  • Filter strainers (hydraulics)



  • Cutting ring pre-assembly by pre-assembly device
  • Joining by press-fitting (for subsequent brazing)
  • Joining by fixing with spot weld (for subsequent brazing)


High-temperature brazing under inert gas atmosphere in continuous furnace (by service provider) with the following solders:

  • Cu solder (standard)
  • Ag solder (on customer request)
  • Ni-base solder (for high temperature applications up to approx. 850°C)



  • 11SMnPb30+C; 1.0718; (contains > 0.1 wt.% Pb)
  • 11SMn30+C; 1.0715
  • C45; 1.045; AISI 1045

Stainless steel

  • X14CrMoS17; 1.4104; AISI 430F
  • X8CrNiS18-9; 1.4305; AISI 303
  • X5CrNi18-10; 1.4301; AISI 304; V2A
  • X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2; ; 1.4571; AISI 316Ti; V4A, A5

all steels and stainless steels

  • crack tested
  • for ring pieces: additionally ultrasonically tested


Surfaces according to DIN EN ISO 19598

  • Zinc; transparent passivated; without sealant
    (ISO 19598.Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0)
  • Zinc-nickel; transparent passivated; without sealant
    (ISO 19598.Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0)
  • Zinc; transparent passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//Zn8//Cn//T2)
  • Zinc-nickel; transparent passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T2)
  • Zinc-nickel; black passivated; with sealant
    (ISO 19598-Fe//ZnNi8//Fn//T2)

other surfaces

  • VDA 235-104
  • VDA 233-101
  • DBL 8451
  • VW 13750 - TL244
  • MAN 183

Measurement capabilities

  • Hand-held measuring equipment (caliper gauge, micrometer screw, thread limit plug gauge, thread ring gauge Good or Faulty)
  • optical measuring projector
  • perthometer
  • Coating thickness gauge

Residual dirt

  • Residual dirt requirements according to VDA Volume 19
  • Minimum particle size 200my

Examples of customized production


Ring spigot with three connections

Material: 11SMnPb30 +C (crack and ultrasonic tested), seamless precision steel tube.

Annual quantity: approx. 2,500

Customer: pipe manufacturer

Surface: Zn, 8my, transparent passivated


Angle connection

Material: 1.4301 (crack tested)

Number of pieces per year: approx. 1.000

Customer: Agricultural machinery manufacturer


Check valve

Material: 11SMnPb30 +C (crack tested)

Annual quantity: approx. 1,500

Customer: Automotive Aftermarket

Surface: Zn, 8my, transparent passivated

Special feature: opening pressure and flow direction engraved; opening pressure 100% controlled


Fuel extractor

Material: 11SMnPb30 +C (crack tested), seamless precision steel pipe.

Annual quantity: approx. 2,000

Customer: parking heater manufacturer

Surface: Zn, 8my, transparent passivated

Special feature: brazed, 100% leak test



Material: 11SMnPb30 +C (crack tested)

Annual quantity: approx. 5,000

Customer: Commercial vehicle manufacturer

Surface: ZnNi, 8my, transparent passivated

Special feature: PA pipe size engraved on each outlet